See Through This Mess

by Turtleneck




released 16 January 2014

Many thanks to Filip Smialek and his basement for recording drums and guitars.



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Turtleneck Toronto, Ontario

We're a "music band".

If you're interested in having us play in your parents' basement or at your cat's birthday party (or any location for whatever occasion really) contact us via the links below.

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Track Name: Mouth-Breather
I can't get this off my chest
Help me out
Awkward memories
Yeah, I just pretend to forget
Fragments, tangents lie ahead
I see now
Lies and empathy reveal that honesty ends in regret

And I've been dying to tell you but where to begin?
Shut your mouth

I'm just trying to clear my head
Distance enemies, offer sympathies
Keep good friends only
Try not to worry
Slow down and catch your breath
See through this mess

And I've been dying to tell you but where to begin?
Focus, breathe in
Talk slow
Track Name: Rut
Things are changing
We both made mistakes, please think this through
I'm drowning come save me
Consider these issues from my point of view

Man, it sucks
Life isn't short when you're stuck in a rut
Yeah, shit's tough
Edges too rough and unpleasant to touch

It's alright, we'll be civil for now
When the dust starts to settle we'll rebuild this friendship somehow
But you said goodbye instead
"I'd best be going before it gets rough
I'll never push when the going gets tough"
Track Name: Believe
So much to say, so little time
Just follow me towards the light
I'm tired of hiding
These doubts are subsiding a little too late

I can't foresee any change
My instincts unfounded and strange
So frustrating
Just face the truth

I know this sounds stupid
I always just want to believe
When I grow up think of what we could achieve

We tread lightly
Pull your weight